Buying Real Estate in Mexico – Tips from the #1 Broker in Puerto Vallarta, Mr. Wayne Franklin

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MexiDad: People often ask me about the safety of living in Mexico.

Franklin: Just like anywhere else, Mexico’s reputation suffers due to specific factors and regions. To put things in perspective, let’s look at some comparison statistics:

City Crime Index Safety Index
Puerto Vallarta 35 (Low) 65 (High)
Los Angeles 49 (Medium) 51 (Medium)
Austin 36 (Low) 64 (High)
Phoenix 52 (Medium) 48 (Medium)
Chicago 65 (High) 35 (Low)
Miami 53 (Medium) 47 (Medium)
Calgary 35 (Low) 65 (High)
Toronto 35 (Low) 65 (High)
Vancouver 37 (Low) 63 (High)
Source: Numbeo


This data indicates that Puerto Vallarta is as safe as Austin and even safer than many major Canadian and American cities.

MexiDad: Can I find financing options for real estate purchases in Mexico?

Franklin: Some banks offer institutional financing, but it involves certain requirements and starts at around 9% interest. Private financing is also available, typically starting at 12% or higher. Many buyers opt to refinance properties in their home countries due to the current high equity values and low interest rates.

MexiDad: I’ve heard about the need for establishing a trust. Can you explain this process?

Franklin: Trusts, known as fideicomisos or bank trusts, are necessary in the Restricted Zone, which includes coastlines and borders. These trusts last for 50 years and can be renewed. You’re the beneficiary and can designate substitute beneficiaries. Similar to trusts in your home country, they offer estate planning advantages and avoid probate. Annual trust fees are around $500-$600 USD and can be fixed rates based on the bank.

MexiDad: Are title or escrow protections available?

Franklin: Several escrow companies provide third-party fund holding, with a couple offering genuine title insurance. The Notary system ensures secure titles, but if you seek added protection, title insurance is an option.

MexiDad: How can clients reach you for help in finding their dream home in Mexico?

Franklin: Clients can call us at +52-322-222-6505 or email




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