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Joe Jack’s Fish Shack Puerto Vallarta- Puerto Vallarta Restaurants


Joe Jack, the owner and Executive Chef, brings his expertise and passion for culinary delights from San Francisco to Puerto Vallarta. With the resounding success of his two acclaimed restaurants, Luna Park, in San Francisco and Los Angeles, Joe embarked on a new adventure in Mexico.

In Puerto Vallarta, Joe fulfilled his dream by opening Joe Jack’s Fish Shack—a charming establishment that boasts a cozy bar and restaurant on the main floor, complemented by a breathtaking open-air terrace on the upstairs deck.

Building on his previous accomplishments, Joe’s aim in Vallarta is to create a captivating and “casually hip” dining experience. His focus remains on offering exceptional seafood dishes bursting with traditional flavors, alongside comforting classics that exude culinary nostalgia. To enhance the dining experience, Joe’s talented team crafts perfect handcrafted cocktails, elevating every sip to new heights of enjoyment.

Now entering its remarkable 15th year, Joe Jack’s Fish Shack has solidified its place as a beloved destination within the diverse and eclectic Vallarta restaurant scene. Locals and visitors alike flock to this renowned establishment, drawn by its delectable seafood, vibrant atmosphere, and a reputation for creating unforgettable moments.

Discover the allure of Joe Jack’s Fish Shack and indulge in the culinary mastery that has garnered such acclaim. Let the flavors transport you to a place of pure gastronomic bliss as you savor every bite. With its enduring popularity and commitment to excellence, Joe Jack’s Fish Shack continues to shine brightly among Puerto Vallarta’s culinary treasures.



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