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For chef Salvador “Chava” Carrillo, the opening of La Tienda Grande was a homecoming of sorts. Having climbed the ranks to become the chef de cuisine at La Leche, one of Puerto Vallarta’s earliest fine dining establishments, Chava ventured to Dubai to further hone his skills. Eventually, he returned to his roots and established a restaurant in his childhood neighborhood of Ixtapa.

Drawing inspiration from his international experiences, Chava’s menu at La Tienda Grande showcases a fusion of flavors. Noteworthy dishes include Anita’s Pasta, a tantalizing squid ink fettuccine infused with chiltepĂ­n chile and succulent shrimp. The menu also features charcoal beef carpaccio adorned with a black sour sauce, as well as sea-smoked ham—local sashimi cured to perfection, accompanied by a velvety bone marrow cream, amaranth, and sunflower seeds.

La Tienda Grande reflects Carrillo’s vibrant culinary vision, with its lively ambiance. Navy blue tables, wicker basket chandeliers, and lightbulbs adorned with hanging field corn add a splash of color to the setting. While the restaurant is a 30-minute journey from El Centro, it stands alone in its uniqueness within the Banderas Bay region.

La Tienda Grande is more than just a restaurant; it is Chava’s heartfelt tribute to his upbringing and his remarkable culinary journey, resulting in an unparalleled dining experience for those who venture to this special corner of Puerto Vallarta.



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