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Los Aguachiles Restaurant – Playa del Carmen Restaurants


Nestled in the vibrant North End, Los Aguachiles stands as a remarkable destination for those seeking delectable seafood and elevated Mexican cuisine. This enchanting open-air restaurant captivates guests with its delightful array of classic dishes, ranging from succulent grilled octopus to tantalizing seafood tacos and crispy tostadas. The culinary team at Los Aguachiles masterfully crafts each dish, ensuring the seafood is of the utmost freshness, expertly prepared, and bursting with irresistible flavors. Indulge your taste buds with the must-try aguachiles camarón, featuring plump shrimp, or savor the exquisite ceviche that delights with its exquisite combination of flavors. And be sure not to overlook the fish tacos, a true delight for seafood enthusiasts. Los Aguachiles promises a dining experience that celebrates the richness of Mexican cuisine and leaves a lasting impression on every palate. 

NOTE: They have three locations in Playa del Carmen!



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