Money Exchange in Mexico


While there are many locations to exchange currency in Mexico, there are a few simple best practices to follow. First off, unless you absolutely have to, NEVER exchange your money at the airport, at restaurants or hotels. The fees and exchange rates are terrible. The best place to get the best exchange is actually walking into a bank with your passport and money. The second best is typically bank owned and operated ATM’s. If the first two are unavailable, the next would be the exchange cages that you see about every 1000 feet in Mexico. You won’t get a great exchange rate from them but it’s fast and convenient when in a pinch.


No matter what currency you’re trying to exchange remember that they will not exchange coins but more importantly, if you’re bills are too large or have any damage or tears in them no one will accept them. As a rule, we recommend taking $20 bills that are in near new condition….



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