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Pueblo Viejo Restaurant – Los Algodones Restaurants


Pueblo Viejo de los Algodones offers a delightful array of Mexican dishes on its menu. Indulge in mouthwatering options such as tasty prawns, flavorful fillet steaks, and scrumptious omelettes. Complement your meal with a selection of good margaritas, beer, or tequila. To top it off, enjoy a cup of delicious coffee served at this charming establishment.

In the evening, talented musicians grace the stage, providing live music for an entertaining dining experience. The energetic staff warmly welcomes guests throughout the year, ensuring exceptional service. This spot is known for its remarkable service, leaving patrons satisfied. From an affordability standpoint, prices are fair and reasonable. The fancy decor and exotic atmosphere of Pueblo Viejo de los Algodones enhance the dining experience, creating a truly memorable visit.



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